Nam Products & Einarsson Fly Reels

Nam Products acquires Einarsson fly reels, we couldn't be more excited to share the news of this acquisition as the values instilled in Einarsson fly reels have been one of the guiding lights when creating Nam Products.

With Einarsson fly reels focusing on cutting-edge design and function keeping with the Scandinavian ethos, we couldn't think of a better-fitting brand to bring into the Nam Products family.

As we move forward we want to make sure we keep up with the outstanding level of products that Einarsson fly reels have become world-renowned for. We are here to carry on what Einarsson has already been able to accomplish going on 20 years.

We can't wait to show you that the future of Nam products and Einarsson has in store.


Einarsson Fly Reels & Nam Products